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There are many perks and tools offered by Gmail that you might not know about and many of these will certainly make your email exchanges be more professionally handled. Here are 7 tips that will help improve your Gmail experience.

Undo Sent Emails

Sending a wrong email has probably happened to all of us at some point – whether it was an important email with a grammar error or it was just sent to the wrong person – we’ve all sent some email that we wished we could unsend. Well, now you can do that on Gmail by going to the ‘Undo Send’ panel right after you’ve sent it. Keep in mind that you will have a 30 second window to do so, though.

Use Grammarly for Spelling Mistakes

Sometimes we’re tired or just distracted and we type words wrong in emails. Surely, nobody likes to send an email with typos and there’s a program that can help you with that: Grammarly – the best spellchecker on the market. All you have to do is install the browser extension and there you go. It will immediately start checking your emails for spelling mistakes.

Use Gmail Offline

Yes, that’s possible! Once you install the Gmail Offline Chrome extension which will give you access to your account even if you aren’t connected to the Internet.

Use Canned Responses

Sometimes we find ourselves having to send the same email repeatedly – maybe a professional response to a client’s question, but that is something that can be done more conveniently by saving that particular email as a Canned Response. It will then be available for use in the Compose Window. Not only that but you can also set those canned responses to be automatically sent when an e-mail contains a specific subject.

Send Huge Attachments

If you use Gmail, you already have Google Drive – which enables you to store and send massive files. However you can also install Dropbox in the browser extension for the same purpose of sending messages which contain massive attachments.

Use Gmail Meter

Gmail Meter shows you how much activity you have in terms of sensing and receiving emails every month. This is free program and it may help you make your weekly schedule based on when there is more activity on your Gmail.

Use Gmail Desktop Apps

Gmail on a browser is always easier to use when there are less tabs open. In order to avoid the tab overload it’s advisable to use Gmail desktop apps such as Mailplane – which allows you to manage multiple email accounts or Kiwi for Gmail – which allows you to easily switch between your professional and your personal email accounts and it also gives you notifications if you’ve received important messages.