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We’re not nearing the launch of the Xbox Two, but Microsoft’s current generation is not selling well and analysts predicted that by the end of this year, there will be twice players on PlayStation 4. Microsoft is trying to remediate the situation and it’s offering discounts and free accessories, just to clear its stocks. So, the latest promotion includes price discounts on the Xbox One and a second controller for free.

If you’ve decided to buy the Xbox One console from one of Microsoft’s retail store locations in the US, you will spend $319 (with $80 less) on the 1TB bundle or $299 (with $50 less) on the 500GB bundle. In addition, you’ll get a second standard controller for free, so you can play with your best friend, or girlfriend.

Moreover, the Xbox One 1TB Elite Console costs now $449, benefiting from a $50 discount, while the Xbox One Kinect Bundle received a $150 discount, costing $349 instead of $499.

Microsoft will attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo event that kick off on June 14 and will last three days, and, with this occasion, the company will announce virtual reality blockbusters for its Xbox One. However, these are only rumors for now, but some developer has revealed that it’s creating a VR game for Microsoft’s console. The developer has talked directly to Ars and the interview was part of pre-E3 planning, so this information was confirmed by the source itself, then by a PR representative. It seems that the game will be available for PS 4 and PC, as well.

Xbox One – Specs

The gaming console is powered by an octa core AMD custom processor clocked at 1.75GHz, which is backed by 8GB of DDR3 and 853 MHz AMD Radeon GCN architecture (inside of APU) GPU. It connects via WiFi IEEE 802.11n, Ethernet, it has three USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4 in/out, S/PDIF out, IR-out and Kinect ports and now it supports Universal Windows Platform applications.

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