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Many Apple fans can be normally divided into two groups: those who opt for Macbook Pros, and those who love Macbook Airs. If you belong to the second group, you’re probably hoping that Apple will release a Macbook Air 2016. Unfortunately, it’s not yet clear if such a device would be released this year.

To be fair, there have been reports that a new model of Macbook Air will see the light of day in 2016. According to Tech Radar, if a Macbook Air 2016 is part of Apple’s offering for the year, it’s highly likely that it would be unveiled during the Worldwide Developer’s Conference. The WWDC, which is hosted by Apple, will take place from June 13 to 17, which means that fans can expect to see a new Macbook Air next month.

Tech Radar also points out that the Macbook Air 2016 is expected to be thinner and lighter than its older siblings. It will reportedly have USB-C connection ports, Intel Skylake processors, a better battery, and updated cooling systems and may come with Apple’s popular virtualized assistant Siri. There have been rumors that the Macbook Air 2016 would come with Touch ID fingerprint scanning and touchscreen keyboards, although it’s unlikely that they would be installed in this year’s model.

It’s important to note, though, that many tech experts believe that Apple will not release a Macbook Air 2016. One of these is Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities who has become one of the most reliable Apple experts. As AppleInsider reports, Kuo thinks that Apple will halt the development of the Macbook Air, which is believable since it has been years since the product line has received big-ticket improvements. This means that the popular laptops will no longer receive new features (such as Force Touch trackpads and high-res Retina displays) and will be transformed from premium flagship products to entry-level models.

Macbook Air fans don’t have to worry, though, since they can still get their hands on a technologically advanced product from Apple. This is in the form of the Macbook Pro 2016, which is expected to have Touch ID, OLED display touch bar, USB-C connectivity, and a 10-hour battery life. It will also reportedly be ultra-thin and light, which will attract Macbook Air fans who value the laptop’s sleek design and portability.

Would you like to see a new Macbook Air model this year, or are you looking forward to replacing your old Air with the Macbook Pro 2016? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!