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While everyone is waiting for jailbreak status on iOS 9.3 / 9.3.1 / 9.3.2, you could be one of those iPhone users who are holding on to their iOS 9.2 and waiting for a jailbreak. Why upgrade to iOS 9 .3 when it is deemed an unjailbreakable because of Apple’s improved security feature, right?

Judging from the jailbreak timeline, it is possible that Apple has doubled or tripled its efforts to keep jailbreakers in tow. And if there’s any jailbreaking to be done, iOS 9.2 should be given priority over the latest iOS versions. Not that the timeline has ever been a basis for releasing jailbreaking tools. There are speculations, however, that jailbreaking teams Pangu and TaiG will skip the rest of iOS 9 and just jump straight to iOS 10.

Reports also showed that release the date for iOS 9.2 is still unknown. The only consolation is that TaiG is busy working on a jailbreaking tool for iOS 9.2. The team has partnered with 3K Assistant to work on a jailbreak. Unfortunately, it is not working as it should, which means you may have to wait much longer than you would have liked. Still, the fact that developers are working hard to bypass iOS 9.2 security is better news than none at all.

3K Assistant lets it slip in China’s social media website Weibo that it is working on a jailbreak tool targeted on the iOS 9.2 build. When they reportedly said that the tool is coming soon, it gave everyone an idea that the jailbreak tool is in its final stages.

To date, there’s no official iOS 9.2 jailbreak available, add Apple users are warned against websites claiming that they have the jailbreaking tool. In another report, Pangu is also said to be close to jail breaking iOS 9.2, but no official tool is out yet.

So what exactly is the status of the iOS 9 jailbreak tool?

Pangu and TaiG have released iOS 9.1 jailbreak.

Pangu has released an iOS 9.1 semi jailbreak, which has incomplete components and functions. This is why users are cautioned about downloading it.

iOS 9.2 is available to all Apple users free for download, designed to fix minor bugs and update its security features. But no iOS 9.2 or 9.2.1 jailbreak tool available just yet.

And so the waiting game for the next jailbreak to be launched after iOS 9.1 continues. It is safe to assume that the next one could be on iOS 10.