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We know Gearbox has a new Borderlands game in development, and for now, we’ll call it Borderlands 3, although it might have a different title.

This will be the fourth main-series Borderlands game, although Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! was developed by 2K Australia. The series also has a couple spin-offs, including Telltale’s episodic adventure game Tales from the Borderlands.

Perhaps we’ll learn more about Borderlands 3 at E3. Until then, let’s discuss some of our greatest hopes for the next Borderlands.

5. New Characters

The Borderlands cast is great, but some fresh faces would good to see. Some players hope for fully customizable protagonists, but that’s not necessarily what Borderlands needs… a strong cast of memorable characters is what we really want to see. (And that applies to heroes, villains, and side characters alike.)

4. Humor

It goes hand-in-hand with the cast, but Borderlands wouldn’t be Borderlands without its wacky sense of humor. Sometimes subtle, sometimes completely over-the-top, the humor has caused some controversy among fans, but we want to see it return in full force.

3. A New Setting

Borderlands was set on the planet Pandora. Borderlands 2 was set on Pandora. Tales from the Borderlands is set on Pandora. The Pre-Sequel! is set on Pandora’s moon.

There’s a definite trend here.

The Borderlands universe has planets other than Pandora, and a new setting could help make it fresh and exciting.

2. Exploration

While we’re on that world, whether it’s Pandora or something new, give us reasons to explore it. Beautiful environments are great, but they’re made even better when there are side paths to explore and secrets to discover… particularly when they’re chests filled with great loot, although fun Easter eggs are also appreciated.

1. Solid Gameplay

Ultimately, this is what Borderlands 3 really needs. The shooting should be good, the RPG elements should make sense, and the quest system should be fun. Battleborn has seen criticism for repetitive missions and frustrating systems, and we don’t want to see Borderlands 3 follow in its footsteps. More than anything else, we hope to see a game that, at its core, is the best Borderlands has to offer.

What are your hopes for Borderlands 3?