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Rumors intensify as we’re approaching June, the month when Apple will hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. At this event, Apple is expected to announce the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016, but the release of this laptop would happen in October. In 2015, the Surface Pro 4 was release on October 26 and if Microsoft will follow its annual release pattern, the Surface Pro 5 could make its appearance in the same period as Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016. For now, these are only rumors, so we should take them with a bit of salt.

Until now, it was rumored that the Surface Pro 5 will be released in June, but it seems that Microsoft has other plans for the upcoming convertible tablet with a 4K HD display, that will support a USB Type-C port. The problem is that if Microsoft will wait for the arrival of the new Intel Kaby Lake processor, then fans will have to wait until early 2017, because this product won’t be ready until then.

This means that the launch of the Surface Pro 5 will be delayed until next year, but it will be worth the wait, because the new processor will have eight cores and will run more than 118 giga operations/second. Also, it will be backed by DDR4, whose time to initiate a read will be 23 nanoseconds. Also, the GPU performance will be more than 37MP/second. The Surface Pen will be also redesigned and will be rechargeable, replacing the old one that runs on batteries.

As for the Apple MacBook Pro 2016, the laptop will be thinner and lighter than its predecessor, and will come with hardware improvements. Rumors suggest that Apple will remove some of its ports and will leave it with a USB Type-C port on both sides, just like the recently launched MacBook 2016. The laptop is expected to have a new OLED display touch bar above the redesigned and snappier keyboard.