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Samsung has become known for producing premium flagship smartphones that are well-loved around the world. Its latest offerings are evidence enough: the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are performing well in many countries and have boosted the South Korean company’s earnings in the first quarter of 2016.

But the advanced features of Samsung’s flagship phones come with a price, which is why they retail at a substantially higher price tag than ordinary devices. This isn’t a problem for those who have the budget, but it can be an issue for those who are strapped for cash. Fortunately, Samsung has found a solution to this by offering budget smartphones that have excellent features and affordable price tags.

One of these is the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016, which has a premium metal body and a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display. It comes with a 2GB RAM and a 1.6 Ghz quad-core processor, making it powerful enough for everyday tasks like listening to music, watching videos, playing games, and accessing social media apps. It runs on Android 6.0, making it ideal for those who own older Samsung devices that are not eligible for the Marshmallow update.

Camera-wise, the Galaxy J7 is decent enough for average users. It has a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera and comes with a flash, so users can easily shoot pictures and take selfies wherever they go.

Perhaps one of the best things about the Galaxy J7 is its expandable memory. This is one of the features that many Samsung fans agree on (which is why the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge didn’t click with many users, although they were still popular). The J7 comes with 16GB internal storage that can be expanded to 128GB through its microSD slot, making it perfect people who like to store a lot of songs, movies, videos, and other files in their phones.

Another great thing about the Galaxy J7 is its completely removable battery. This is a huge plus since users can easily buy a replacement battery and install it all by themselves in case their old battery no longer functions properly. The J7’s battery has a capacity of 3300mAh that can last for hours without requiring a charge, making it ideal for users who are always on the road.

What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy J7? Will you consider buying it the next time you go shopping for a smartphone?

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