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Chrome fans were really delighted a few weeks ago when Google has announced they plan to introduce support for Android apps on their Chromebooks. Initially, the company announced the support for Android apps only on the Chromebook Pixel (the 2015 edition), Asus Chromebook Flip and Chromebook R11 (from Acer) and only starting with June this year, though they didn’t mention exactly a date.

But which one would be better, especially if you’re on a budget? You can find the ASUS Chromebook Flip on Amazon for around $260. If you use the flip over touch screen, you can even test the Android apps on it in the tablet form.

Many people seem to enjoy it though. The device is indeed of high quality, 2 USB ports, a slot for microSD cards and a microHDMI port together with a jack for headphones, all on the right side. The design is also great, being very stylish, with glossy edges and a brushed aluminum look on the outside. The display is surrounded by a black bezel as it seems, and it has a 1280×800 resolution.

On the other hand, we have the Dell Chromebook 13, which is also an excellent device. Its specs are also great: 4 GB RAM, microSD slot, an Intel Celeron processor (the 3205U model) and the display is not disappointing either, having a 1920×1080 resolution and 13.3 inches. Also, you have one USB 3.0 slot, a 2.0 one, a big HDMI one and the headphone jack.

Moreover, here you will get to enjoy a backlit keyboard, so you can type faster. Also, you have a large trackpad and a battery life which is extremely useful: it is announced as being up to 12 hours, so this is very handy for people who work when traveling or commuting.