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Dark Souls 3 has been out worldwide since April. While a lot of you might still have Dark Souls adventures left to complete, some of you might be near or past the end. You can always play Dark Souls 3 again, but maybe you want something new. And with Dark Souls 3’s DLC still on the horizon, what games can you play to satisfy your Dark Souls need?

More and more games are coming out that emulate the Dark Souls style. It’s all but a new sub-genre by now. Perhaps the most notable of recent “Souls-like” games is Salt and Sanctuary.

Salt and Sanctuary is a beautiful 2D game for the PC and PlayStation 4, with a Vita version forthcoming. It received excellent reviews and is considered by many people to be a 2D Dark Souls.

Another game that clearly draws inspiration from the Souls games is Nioh, an upcoming game from Team Ninja. The Nioh alpha demo is now over, and the game is due out for the PlayStation 4 later this year, with improvements and tweaks made based on alpha feedback.

Nioh has definite Dark Souls inspirations (as well as a protagonist with an odd resemblance to Geralt of Rivia), but it also has a unique identity. It’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

There are many more games that resemble Dark Souls in one way or another, but let’s talk about a new, lesser-known one: Shrouded in Sanity. This PC game just came out on May 27, and it’s a horror game inspired by Dark Souls, Resident Evil, and Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

While its story and setting focus more on its horror inspirations, Shrouded in Sanity’s gameplay makes it another game that could be considered a 2D Dark Souls.

Of course, none of these games are Dark Souls, but if you’re looking for a similar style and sense of challenge after Dark Souls 3, they just might fit the bill.

Have you played Salt and Sanctuary, the Nioh alpha demo, or Shrouded in Sanity? Let us know your thoughts on them, as well as your favorite games similar to Dark Souls 3.