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For many people the day they have been waiting for a while is almost here. Bethesda will bring some mods created by fans for their console versions of the Fallout 4. Before, whoever owned a PC version of a game released by Bethesda could explore and create more and more by using mods. Now, those who play these games on their consoles will be able to catch up and play more. However, for now mods are not available openly for Xbox One, just in the beta version, but the testing seems to be going well.

For the moment, Xbox One and PS4 gamers will be able to play using the mods ported from the PC to consoles. If you play using one of these consoles, you can just go online and look on for whatever mods you want to play. Then you can install them through an interface built directly into the game. For now, given the fact that this change is quite new, people from Bethesda have introduced a precaution: when you load up a game using mods, it will auto-save and create a file without any mod, so you can go back to the save file in case anything happens.

Indeed, it may happen that the mods will not behave properly and the game will crash. Thankfully, you can remove and delete mods, but you have a space limit for them, you have to limit yourself to 2 GB.

For those who are too curious to wait any longer, the company has made some live streaming with the beta version (which is currently closed) and released more details about which mods are available and working on the Xbox One console. The mod for Fallout 4 will be released on May 31st and next month they will also launch the support for PS 4.