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According to reports, the Android N will bring improvements in performance, productivity and security. However, today we will compare the Android M and the upcoming Android N and see which one of them is faster. It is good to know that Google the JTI Compiler on the Android N, which will increase the installation speed of application by 75 percent and it will reduce the compiled code size by 50 percent.

Keep in mind that these tests have been made using the Public BETA version of the Android N, which means that this is NOT the final version of this upcoming operating system.

The guys from have benchmarked the Android N using the Google Pixel C tablet. After a factory reset of the tablet, they have installed the Android N Public Beta and they’ve performed the benchmarks before doing anything else. In other words, they have tried to perform a benchmark using an “out-of-box” state.

First of all, the results were showing some improvements in the 3D graphics capability. They have used the onscreen T-Rex and Manhattan components, which come with the GFXBench graphics test. During these tests, they have seen an improvement of 5 to 9 fps, which is pretty good.

However, the tests were not as impressive when the performance was tested in Geekbench 3. During this test, they have seen a decrease in performance of around 25 percent, which is pretty much. In AnTuTu, an application that looks at both graphical and processing performance, they have noticed a great improvement in the upcoming Android N OS.

Overall, the Android N will be quite good, especially for gamers, because their favorite games will run smoother than before. Hopefully, Google will focus more on the performance of this upcoming Android N, as things are not looking very well.