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WhatsApp is currently benefiting from end-to-end protection and 1 billion users feel now safer. But a native password protection mechanism is missing and WhatsApp won’t introduce it in the near future, so users will continue to rely on third-party applications or on Android’s support for fingerprint readers.

It’s not the best idea to install third party applications to password-protect chats in WhatsApp, because there are many unofficial applications that shouldn’t be trusted and they can be easily hijacked by hackers. WhatsApp is targeted by many cybercriminals and they’re trying all kinds of methods to trick users into clicking on links with fake promotions, so why wouldn’t they create applications that instead of protecting users’ passwords, they hijack them and important information is easily leaked.

In the past months, mobile device manufacturers have released various smartphones with fingerprint scanners, but WhatsApp hasn’t said a word yet about adding fingerprint protection. And the reason behind developers’ disinterest in adding fingerprint protection is because there are not many Android users requesting this feature.

The good news is that Android Marshmallow brought fingerprint authentication, which can be used not only to unlock devices, but applications as well. And, for now, the latest Android software is now install on 7.5 percent of all Android devices, and WhatsApp’s developers will bring a locker app when the percentage of Marshmallow users will increase.

Anyway, Android users who want to install the latest beta update of WhatsApp can go to the Google Play store and download version 2.16.102, which weighs 28.31 MB. This update comes only with improvements to the app stability and other bug fixes. The most important new features that have been released lately are: the option to reply to new messages from notifications, the option to send a formatted text (bold, italic, strikethrough), the option to pick a photo/video from the camera roll, by tapping the quick camera button in a chat etc.