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The iPhone 7 has not been released yet, but the Apple fans are already talking about the upcoming iPhone 8. Today we will talk about this upcoming device and some of the features that it will most likely come with.

iPhone 8 to come with a n AMOLED display

According to reports, Apple has been negotiating with Samsung in order to bring the AMOLED technology to the iPhone. In other words, there are high chances that we will see an AMOLED display on the iPhone 8.

It is good to know that the AMOLED display technology uses way less power than the LCD ones, which means that Apple will be able to extend the battery life on its upcoming smartphones, if they will use these new displays manufactured by Samsung.

A Unique Waterproofing Patent

Back in November 2015, Apple has filed a new patent which means that the iPhone 8 could come with a unique waterproofing technology. The patent application has been filed under the number of 20150326959 and has a “Liquid expulsion from an orifice” title. This new technology will use a new mechanism that will enable the iPhone 8 to dry itself by just pumping liquid out of it via the speaker grilles.

Improved Specifications

Apple will most likely significantly boost the specifications of the iPhone 8. First of all, the RAM will be boosted up to 4GB and new powerful A11 processor will be added. At the same time, a DSLR camera will most likely be added along with a wireless charging feature and lithium-air batteries. Without any doubts, the iPhone 8 will be a revolutionary smartphone and there will be a good amount of people who will want to purchase it, even if it will most likely be very expensive.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming iPhone 8?