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Let’s face it – we’ve heard a lot about the newest iPhone 7 model. There are thousands of ‘secret sources’ and leaked photos – but what to trust?

Today, we are zipping up the 5 most realistic rumors about the iPhone 7 – which are apparently true. So, let’s start.

The iPhone 7 Won’t Have A Headphone Jack

Forbes has already reported that the newest iPhone 7 on’t have a headphone jack. And although this information is still spreading and people are crazy about it, Apple wants people to get used to the idea. This might as well be the biggest change in the iPhone 7 – but who knows how will we listen to music?

iPhone 7 Gets A (Better) Dual Camera System

MacRumors reported that the iPhone 7 might get a dual-camera system. This is one of the most predictable rumors as well and one that can potentially be true. There have already been some leaked images and schemes that show the iPhone with a bigger camera spot and dual-camera systems. This is definitely good news for every iPhone user.

iphone 7 dual camera
The dual camera is expected to be one of the biggest selling points of Apple’s new iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 Release Date Will Be Earlier This Year

Apple can’t keep a secret for long – and we know it. In fact, they have been feeling the pressure of not having a new model even after the iPhone 6 update with the iPhone 6s – where they were a lot criticized about the same design from the outside. Also, the slow iPhone sales are another factor for the earlier release date happening around September.

The iPhone 7 Will Have A Similar Design To The iPhone 6s

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing big changes in the design of the iPhone 7. And while that may be a good and a bad thing as well, the curvy and slim design is not something that deserves an incremental change. Well, maybe Apple can let go of the antennas in the back – but even they are iconic to the model.

iphone 7 design
This leaked photo of the iPhone 7’s design clearly states the similarity with the 6s model.

It is up to us to see whether Apple will make a strategic move or a silly one trying to reinvent a lot of features and present something that is entirely well-built and tailoerd to the needs of the users.