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The latest rumors regarding the sixth installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise state that it will arrive sometime in 2019, because Rockstar – the company responsible for GTA – is busy developing other games that will soon be released.

Apparently, Rockstar is getting ready to present its new game projects at the upcoming E3 2016 event. Although there is no official information regarding what will be showcased exactly, fans of Rockstar games believe it will be about Red Dead Redemption 2 (the sequel to Red Dead Redemption) and the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6.

Other rumors say that the company will start developing another game series that is expected to be a huge hit. This rumor started because Rockstar recently announced a job vacancy relating to the development of an IP title. This means that it’s very likely that Rockstar is in the process of developing a new title and I can’t wait to hear about it if it really is true.

However, the job posting could just refer to the development of titles in their current series, rather than the development of a new game. Specifically, the job is for a QA tester who will have to verify the IP’s gameplay and connections and he or she is also supposed to know a lot about many social platforms such as Rockstar’s Social Club, Xbox Live or PSN+. So I wish good luck to all of you Rockstar job candidates out there!

Even though we don’t know that this mysterious game project is all about, what we do know is that the company will start working on it this year and we also know that it won’t release any new games until March 2017. Rumors also state that next year’s release is related to a joint venture with 2K games.

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