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Smartwatches are no longer the most wanted new products on the market. People’s enthusiasm begins to disappear, as they turn their attention to virtual reality headsets and smart home speakers. While VR headsets are paired with a smartphone and allow users to watch videos or play games, smart home speakers connect wirelessly and allow users to interact with them. In this article, we’ll compare two voice-activate home products: Google Home and Amazon Echo.


Their shape is cylindrical and while the Echo is taller and has a black color, and a blue ring at the top that glows when the user interacts with it, Google’s Home is squatter and has an angled top with Google’s iconic four colors. As for its bottom, it can be customized with different colors.

Voice Commands

Users will interact with Amazon’s Echo using Alexa, the voice assistant, while the Home has Google Assistant (no human name, which is odd), which is activated by saying “OK, Google”. When interacting with Alexa, users have the feeling that they’re addressing to a real person, but the assistant takes only voice commands, while with Google Assistant is more advanced, as carries out tasks based on discussions.

Media Abilities

Home wins for its media capabilities, as its streams music from various music services such as Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora or others. Echo streams only its music to other Echos in user’s home, but it can’t sync with each other, while Google Home allows you to play multi-room audio.

Performing Tasks

Echo wins this time, because it carries out more tasks, which are called skills. And that’s because many third-party developers have adopted its rich SDK, but likewise Google Home, it can add items to a calendar, make a shop list or a to do list, track a package and more. However, only Echo is able to order a pizza, call an Uber taxi or to play games such as Jeopardy. Google needs to work hard to improve its product, in order to support at least half the tasks of the Echo (over 900).


For now, only Echo is found in stores at a price of $180. Home will appear later this year and will have a similar price.