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The live streaming service was introduced at the end of April for Android and iOS smartphones, allowing users to broadcast live videos. Now, Facebook Live added to the latest Facebook app for Windows 10 allows users to record and share Live broadcasts from their tablets or computers. However, Facebook hasn’t mentioned anything about bringing this feature to Apple’s iOS and OSX devices, or tablets running on Android.

Windows 10 users who installed the latest version of Facebook app on their computers or tablets are able to access the Go Live option by clicking the livestreaming icon found in the Update status box, where other features such as image sharing and emojis are located.

Facebook Live was firstly released for mobile devices, so Android and iOS users who wanted to show their friends what they’re doing at that time, had the option to broadcast their actions on the go, and their friends from all over the globe were able to see them. Facebook has also included support for professional cameras and multiple-camera use only for a limited group of media partners, while the rest of users were given the possibility to record and share 24-hour live streams.

Facebook app and Messenger chat service have been launched for Windows 10 on April 28, and developers have promised that they’ll bring new features for this platform. Livestreaming is one of them, and now, everyone who owns a computer or tablet running on Windows 10 can start a Facebook Live broadcast.

Soon, Facebook will release Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile, after developers will make sure that they’ll fix all bugs and the performance of the application will not be problematic. Messenger on Windows 10 Mobile will allow users to send stickers, GIFs, voice messages, and will have features such as Push Notifications and Do Not Disturb mode.

If you’re an Android user, you should know that Facebook has released alpha and beta versions.

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