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Horror is a popular theme for video games to explore, although strict survival horror has fallen out of popularity in recent years (although it may make a resurgence).

Let’s talk about three of the best horror games and series of all time.

(Note: like when I wrote about underrated JRPGs, I’ve only included games I’m personally familiar with. Let me know all of the wonderful titles that should be here. I’ve also chosen to focus specifically on survival horror, instead of including other games with horror themes such as Alan Wake or Scratches.)

Silent Hill

The Silent Hill series has been one of the pillars of survival horror. These dark, twisted games deal with cults, psychological horror, and symbolism, while telling some of the greatest and most disturbing stories in gaming. More recent games in the series have been controversial, but Silent Hill seemed set to reclaim fans’ hearts with the upcoming Silent Hills… Unfortunately, Silent Hills was cancelled, and the series’ future is uncertain.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil wasn’t the first game in the genre, but it coined the phrase “survival horror.” Since then, it has provided a delightful struggle against zombies and other B.O.W.s (Bio Organic Weapons). Starting with Resident Evil 4, though, the series veered toward action instead of survival horror. It’s still unknown if it will ever truly return to its roots, but fans can’t help but hope.

Alien: Isolation

Is Alien: Isolation too new of a game to include on a list of all-time horror games? Maybe so, but it deserves credit for being one of the few modern games to adapt classic survival horror gameplay into a modern format, rather than strictly copying the older games. As both a strong addition to the Alien franchise and an excellent survival horror game, Alien: Isolation could be a template for horror games to come.

This is only a partial list, and many more games could be added. Fatal Frame? Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem? Amnesia: The Dark Descent? What are the games, both well-known and obscure, that you would consider to be among the best horror games of all time?