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‘How is that even possible’ – you’ll say.

Well, Android phones can now be a great choice – even for people who hate Android. The Apple vs. Android battle will never stop. However, we don’t have to pick sides anymore, simply because there are many Android phones that are not categorized and known by the ‘unwritten rules’ of Android.

Why Do People Hate Android Phones?

According to a study, people hate Android because of the:

  • occasional freezing/force close
  • the different keyboard
  • the fragmentation
  • the poor User Interface
  • the sluggy app opt-ins
  • the illusion of being open

However, these are common problems iOS users are experiencing as well. However, on Android phones they seem to be more accented, just because of the many smartphone brands with many makes and models.

Fortunately, the Android phones have revolutionized in these aspects. Today, you can buy an Android phone and never experience the Android problems listed above – but enjoy a new kind of powerful experience – crisp and ready.

Best Android Phones For Android Haters

Your Android hate game will come to an end if you buy one of these phones. You have our word for that.

android phones s7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Let’s face it – there are many Android haters and iOS users who switched their iPhones for the latest Galaxy s7 Edge model. Wondering why?

Well, for starters, it is a phone capable of doing everything. It is ultra-powerful, has one of the best smartphone cameras worldwide – and is waterproof on top of that. And when it comes to software it’s updated version is more elegant, bold and less colorful and sluggish – something that Android haters are common with.

Oh, and did you know that Apple is working on a curvy screen for the new iPhone 7?


xperia z5 android phones

SONY Xperia Z5

The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium excels when it comes to 4K, and comes with a large and stunning 5.5 inch display. It is water resistant and has a 23MP camera – two features that the Android haters (read: iOS users) can’t even imagine.

Although its may be chunky, the Z5 Premium will definitely match the interest of every Android hater, especially because of its premium user interface and the impressive fingerprint scanner – something that iOS users got addicted to.

htc one a9 android phones

HTC One A9

The HTC One A9 is definitely the hottest phone for iOS users. TechRadar even calls it ‘the iPhone with the brains of an Android’. Curvy and with a 5-inch screen, the rear case of the HTC One A9 resembles an iPhone. Its design is really impeccable and has an improved camera.

So, if you got bored from the simplistic iOS experience and want to move on Android but not compromise when it comes to features, the new HTC One A9 may be just the right fit for your pocket – and needs.

A Final Word

As you can see, the newest Android models are not made under the same premise of being too bulky, sluggish or just different. They are all made so that even the Android haters can see their advantages, unique design and affordable price. And that is why we call them the best Android phones for people who hate Android.