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According to the latest news, Samsung is skipping on the Galaxy Note 6 model. Not to worry though, because the name is the only thing to-be-skipped.

Apparently, the new ‘phablet’ will be called the Galaxy Note 7 and will feature a dual-edge display similar to Samsung’s s6 edge and s7 edge models. As you may know, last year Samsung released the dual-edge Galaxy s6 and the regular Galaxy Note 5 at the same time. This has been a game with numbers which are not synchronized – and that is exactly why the Galaxy Note 6 may be skipped.

In case Samsung goes with a brand new Galaxy Note 7 model, it will be just in order to synchronize the ‘7s’, meaning to officialize their newest smartphones as the ‘7 series’. This will make it easier for people to know and differentiate models from now on.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 (Read: Note 7) Features

Although there isn’t any official information on the name of the new Note model, there are some rumors about its features. With skipping the Galaxy Note 6 name, Samsung may want to unify all the Edge, Edge Plus and Note models into an all-around phone that will get a new model each year.

galaxy note 6 to feature a dual edge display
The dual-edge display will become a standard flagship feature for Samsung.

The dual-edge displays are one of the biggest selling point for Samsung – and the company knows this so much, that the new Galaxy Note 7 will have an identical screen. Also, the dual-edge display will likely become a standard flagship Samsung feature – and we won’t be seeing much flat screens anymore.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 – or 7- Will Enter Production In July

The newest Galaxy Note 7 will enter production in July, according to many sources and may appear to the market even earlier than the regular date in September-October. According to many rumors, this is a strategy that is played by Samsung in order to ‘sabotage’ Apple’s event in September-October and get the new Note 7 model a few weeks before it.

Samsung HQ
Who knows ‘what’s cooking’ inside Samsung’s headquarters?

One thing is certain though – the Apple vs. Android battle has already started with the first shots fired – the leaked information on Galaxy 7 Note and iPhone 7.