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Recently, we’ve warn you not to fall for the WhatsApp Gold scam, because you’ll infect your phone with malware. Today, we will talk about another attempt to make money off victims’ naivety, which tricks them to click on a link that promises them to receive a birthday McDonalds discount coupons (Rs 900, which is around $13WS). First, they are required to answer a few questions and share the message to their WhatsApp friends (10-20), and in this message is included a link which takes them to a website with ads.

After following the steps we’ve told you in the introduction, users realize that nothing happens after they click on ads and they start to worry that they’ve installed malware on their devices. Unfortunately, they only help the scammer to earn easy money, by clicking on paid ads.

Another similar scam has involved another famous brand: Burger King. Users who thought that they’ll receive a discount voucher have clicked on messages, but instead of enjoying a free meal, they’ve regretted their action. The only way these companies are offering coupons is by placing ads in newspapers or by running promotions on their websites. Sometimes, they send emails to their subscribers, informing them about the latest offerings.

Also, let’s not forget the most recent scam that tricked users to install “WhatsApp Gold”, a so-called premium version of WhatsApp used by celebrities, with additional features such as video calling. Unfortunately, this feature hasn’t been added to WhatsApp yet, but it was spotted in some beta updates, although it was inactive and developers have removed it quickly.

However, if you’re still interested in updating WhatsApp, we must inform you that 2.16.100 beta has just been released and you can install it from the Google Play store, only if you’ve become a Beta Tester.

Also, we advice you to be more careful and not to reply to messages sent by suspicious numbers, especially if they contain invitations to click on links and claim prizes or coupons.

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