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WhatsApp is the application of the moment and almost anyone that owns a smartphone has installed it in order to keep in touch with their loved ones. Today we will talk about the latest WhatsApp version that has been released for Android devices.

The WhatsApp 2.16.95 is the latest STABLE version of this application that has been released for Android devices. This new version doesn’t come with significant changes when compared with the previous version of the application, but it is good to know that some highly anticipated features have been added and they haven’t been activated yet. Some of the features that the developers will most likely activate soon are quote and reply to a message from a group and invitations via link.

The new WhatsApp 2.16.95 APK (installation) file has been increased by 118KB, it has 419 modified files and 3 deleted files that were related to wallpapers and version errors. In addition, the developers have added 17 new files and icons that are related to the two new features (that we have told you about above) that will be activated sometime in the future.

The latest WhatsApp BETA version for Android is 2.16.100. In this version, you will notice that the “info” button has been relocated and a new icon to reject invitations has been added. In addition, the APK file comes with over 200 modified files.

WhatsApp 2.16.95: How To Install On Your Android Device

As we’ve told you above, the WhatsApp 2.16.95 is the latest STABLE version of the application for Android devices. In other words, to install it on your Android device you will just need to open the Google Play Store, search for WhatsApp and install it on your smartphone.

Have you installed the WhatsApp 2.16.95 on your Android device? Tell us your thoughts about the latest WhatsApp STABLE version!