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A host of new details about the upcoming augmented reality game have officially been revealed by Niantic; Pokemon Go still have no release date however but the company has suggested that they are looking to release the game in the summer or around November this year.

It’s been confirmed that there more than 100 Pokemon in the game at launch and the players location will influence what Pokemon they see and what types they will see; they didn’t expand on this or comment on where all types of Pokemon could be found, it raises questions about more ‘difficult’ types of Pokemon that will be harder to place such as fire, electric and dragon.

The question that fans have been asking about since Pokemon Go was revealed have finally been confirmed; there will be no Pokemon battles with wild Pokemon and they will not level up. Instead, the player needs to raise their trainer level by exploring and discovering more Pokemon in the world. There will however be gym battles; the gyms in the world are located at real places around the world and will be controlled by one of three teams that the player can join. Gyms can be challenged by players from other teams and players can also leave their Pokemon at a Gym to defend it, battles at Gyms will be based around quick-time events and the victor team takes control of the gym.

The main games use PokeShops however Pokemon Go will feature PokeStops which can be found at various real world locations; these PokeStops will be based at important public locations such as historical monuments and the player will need to visit them to restock their pokeball supply.

Catching Pokemon doesn’t require the player to battle them first, they can just throw a Pokeball at it by swiping however this may not always work as some Pokemon will deflect the ball. When a Pokemon is near, the phone will vibrate to alert the player and there will also be a wrist-strap add-on released which will also vibrate when a Pokemon is near; the Bluetooth device will also light up.

It’s been confirmed that there will be in-game purchases for power-ups however there was no mention of begin able to buy Pokeballs in the cash store.

Pokemon Go is due for release later this year and more information about the game and it’s features will be revealed over the coming months.