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For many people’s happiness, there are lots and lots of ways in which you can duel with your friends inside Minecraft and play lots of adjacent games. However, until now you had to make up rules and keep track of the score, which is natural, given that this is one of the most open games online.

However, Microsoft announced that they are releasing a new mini game for Minecraft. It will be called Battle and it will be available for the console version of the game. What’s great is that you won’t need a setup before, you will simply be able to play the mini game with friends or even strangers, merely enjoying a fight to death. The update will be free and it will arrive this June. But the best surprise is that Microsoft hinted that they will further release more minigames in the future.

Basically, Battle represents a death match. Microsoft said that you need strategy, speed and even some luck if you want to survive and thus to defeat your opponent. It is very competitive, and you will find lots of resources in chests placed around the arena which will help you battle and hopefully win.

However, once you’re defeated, the action doesn’t stop here. You will be transformed into a bat and then you will be able to watch the rest of the players fighting while you hover above them.

Maximum 4 local players can play together using the splitscreen option, or even 8 if they choose to play using the Xbox Live online feature. With the free addition, you will receive the basic arena, but if you want to enjoy more, Microsoft is already planning on offering map packs for those who want to spend around $3 for them.