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The Clash of Clan May Update has finally been released and it’s added a lot of exciting new content to the game including new troops, spells and even new play modes; this is a pretty big update in terms of all the new features it adds to the game.

It’s been four years since the last Elixir troop was added to the game and there are finally new Elixir troops in Clash of Clans. The Baby Dragon can deal splash damage to both land and air targets while also getting a buff if it’s deployed away from other air troops; it costs a whopping 18,000 Elixir and takes 10 minutes to train. The other new Elixir troop is the Miner, they were first added in Clash Royale and is deployed underground making him both immune to defenses and able to bypass walls.

The Friendly Challenge has also been added to the game, clan members can now battle with each other to test strategies and their defenses or just battle for fun. There are no limits to how many times players can battle like this however Supercell has made a few adjustments to prevent abuse, players will not be able to modify the base layouts which are used in Friendly Challenges; in addition to this, players can only see active village layouts instead of war bases which makes it impossible to copy war bases for Friendly Challenges.

There are also two new spells with this update: Skeleton spell and Clone spell. The Skeleton spell summons a group of skeletons at the location the spell is cast, at the final level the spell can summon ten skeletons which do not activate enemy traps. The Clone spell copies units that are inside it’s radius, the clones have the same damage and health as the original however they have a limited lifetime and also take up housing space.

Those are the biggest additions to the game, some smaller changes and features have also been added; the Edit Layout mode has been revamped to allow players to move their base slightly in another direction and also to give them better view over their base as they adjust the layout, for example players can now hide their buildings to give them a better view of the walls.

Changes have also been made to the chat box to include options for the Friendly Challenges and a new Building Suggestion feature has been added to the game. Smaller changes were also made to the Clan War Logs to allow players to set them to public and also to allow players to donate their troops and spells once they reach full capacity.