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Ace Attorney 6, now officially known as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, will be out in Japan in less than two weeks. North America and Europe will get it a few months from now, in September 2016.

Although it is a digital-only game for the Nintendo 3DS, which some people dislike, anyone who loves the series should buy it.

What if I haven’t played the others?

If you’ve never played an Ace Attorney game before, you still should buy Ace Attorney 6… after you’ve played the previous games. Since it’s a story driven series, you’ll want to be familiar with the Phoenix Wright Trilogy (Ace Attorney, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations; available separately as DS cartridges or digitally on the eShop as a single compilation), Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (DS only), and Dual Destinies (eShop only).

The spin-offs (Investigations and Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright) are still fantastic, but not necessary if you just want to prepare for Ace Attorney 6.

Why You Should Play Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney is a cross between a visual novel and a point-and-click adventure game, but it doesn’t play exactly like either one of those genres. Gameplay is split into two sections: investigations and trials.

During investigations, you’ll gather evidence and talk to other characters. During trials, you’ll cross-examine witnesses and present evidence that contradicts witness testimony. You’ll need to pay careful attention and think through everything to find the contradictions.

Best of all, it’s funny. Ace Attorney games are filled with puns and absurd situations that make it one of the funniest series out there.

Why You Should Buy Ace Attorney 6

If you’re already a fan of the series, you know more or less what to expect. So why should you buy Ace Attorney 6 specifically?

  1. It continues the series and may wrap up loose ends left from Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies.
  2. It stars two protagonists, with gameplay divided between Phoenix and Apollo.
  3. Several old favorites are returning, including Maya Fey and Ema Skye.
  4. You’ll support the series and increase the localization chances for future games.

In short, you should buy Ace Attorney 6 because it’s the newest entry in a fantastic series, and it gives every indication of living up to its predecessors.

If you like story-driven games, mysteries, and humor, try Ace Attorney.