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Every user with a jailbroken iOS device is continuously searching for cool tweaks that are available on the Cydia store. Since the release of iOS 9, new tweaks have appeared or they were updated, so if you won’t want to waste your time searching for the right application with which you’ll customize Apple’s operating system, here are a few recommendations that we believe you’ll find useful.


If you want to double battery life on your phone, this Cydia tweak will impress you. When you enable it, it turns off the least important services, when they are not in use, but it also offers its own features. For example, it allows you to check the battery state in real time, and it offers a crash report system inside the Infos view.


This application combines six tweaks together: Aura, Empoleon, Mission Control, Quick Access and Swipe Over and they form a great package that will help you when you perform multiple tasks at once. You will easily create multiple desktops, switch between applications with ease etc.


Instead of manually searching for the most recent launched applications, use this tweak that places them inside the Control Center, under the Quick Launch apps. After installing Keek, this tweak begins working with default settings, and it’s able to track the last four recently used applications, whose icons you’ll see in Control Center.

AltKeyboard 2

The improved version of AltKeyboard tweak will improve the keyboard inputs, by making easier for you to input upper-case letters and to switch between characters on the keyboard. Moreover, there’s another functionality that works with some keys, for example spacebar, which will allow you to select, cut, copy and paste text.

Force Touch Activator

Only the latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus support 3D Touch technology, which allows users to perform special gestures on the screen (tap, swipe, pinch) which activate shortcuts. Owners of old iOS devices who will install this tweak will have access to the 3D Touch technology, although not all gestures will work as on the new iPhones.


With this tweak, you’ll open the Quick Launch applications inside the Control Center, and you won’t need to open them completely, as they will appear in a half-screen window.