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There are many rumors about the upcoming Android N OS which is scheduled to be released by Google later this summer. Some of these are guesses made by users about what the letter ‘N’ actually stands for while some users assume it will run very smoothly given the positive reviews received by the third preview.

If you would like to know what to expect from the Android N OS, here is a list of features that were shown in the previews.

Multi-task friendly

This feature is extremely useful if you’re the type of user that likes to keep more tabs open and Google made it possible to have two apps opened and switch between them with the new Android N. Also, there will be a picture-in-picture option for video apps which will enable you to watch a video on youtube while you check your Facebook wall.

And it was about time to do it as this feature has been available on LG and Samsung phones for some years now.

A virtual reality future

Google has announced that it is working on a virtual reality platform entitled Daydream and a matching VR headset. Daydream will be able to be compatible with other headsets made by other companies.

A good night’s sleep

The Android N OS will feature a Night mode similar to Apple’s Night Shift that will make the phone’s tones less disturbing during sleep.

New emoji

Apparently, we will also be seeing new emojis, similar to the ones on Apple’s iOS devices and 13 of them will feature women in different fields

Notification replies

This Android N OS will also allow users to reply directly to a message from a notification.

Dozing off

Another awesome feature we will be having is the Doze on the Go one which is meant to save battery life, when the phone hasn’t been used for a while, even if you are moving it around. It’s very useful if you have a smartphone with many apps running.

Project Svelte

This is only just a rumor at this point but it’s possible that Google is working on a project aimed at reducing the amount of memory that its devices might need.