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The very recent 2.16.4 update for iOS released by WhatsApp is creating more problems than it was designed to solve. The update was meant to fix a number of unnamed problems within app, and it probably did but what users got in turn, was a huge bug when they try to forward links.

This app version now crashes every time a user tries to forward one or more links on a device that runs the iOS 9.3.2, regardless of the iPhone model. Some tech bloggers have reproduced the crash on the latest available iPhones – 6S and 6 that were running iOS 9.3.2 and have posted them online in order to draw WhatsApp’s attention to this problem.

The crash appears to only occur when forwarding links to people. It works perfectly when videos, photos and messages are forwarded but when it comes to forwarding links, the app just closes abruptly and you return to the home screen. There is no error message whatsoever.

At this moment, there is no official statement from WhatsApp representatives regarding the problem although several users have already confirmed that it happens on most iPhones, and until WhatsApp acknowledges it there is no solution.

The WhatsApp Nightmare on iOS 9

There is a long bug history when it comes to WhatsApp for iOS 9 dating back from when the first version of the app was released for this operating system.

Some users have reported battery problems after updates and the app failing to connect for a while. In fact, two days ago, an iPhone from Softpedia that was running the previous WhatsApp version went offline for 30 minute and the cause is unknown.

So it’s clear that WhatsApp should look into these problems and provide better fixes for the iOS based smartphones, given the amount of people that use it.