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Samsung’s next flagship device – the Galaxy Note 6 – is rumored to be the best version yet. Some say that it will sport a 5.8 inch RGB AMOLED screen, fingerprint and retina scanners, 6 GB of RAM plus many other top notch specs.

However, those rumors also state that it will not actually be named Samsung Galaxy Note 6. It’s very likely for Samsung to end up skipping that number and directly name it Galaxy Note 7.

Many believe this will happen because there are some number inconsistencies regarding previously released devices such as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (which were launched this year) and naturally, they should be accompanied by a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 not a Samsung Galaxy 6.

That way, the upcoming phablet won’t be associated with an older generation one. Let’s face it; it’s very probable that if you know that latest Samsung phone model out there has the number 7 somewhere in it, you’ll assume that the latest phablet from that company will have that number too.

The name change could also help the phable to compete better with Apple’s similar devices found on the market. On top of all this, the latest iPhones – 7 and 7 Plus – are expected to be released sometime this year so there’s the number ‘7’ again associated with the latest mobile tech. So at this point it’s obvious that less knowing customers will believe that something named Galaxy Note 6 is probably an inferior device to something similar that comes from Apple and has a ‘7’ somewhere in it’s name.

Other reports indicate that the next Note will have a dual-edge screen which would be a first for this line of models and that production will start sometime in the middle of July, followed by an early release in August. This means that it will probably come to users sooner than the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which are rumored to be launched in September or October.