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At I/O developer conference, Google hasn’t made any announcements about the upcoming Nexus 2016 phones, making very fans sad. They’re a total mystery and the only thing we know about them is that they will run on Android N. Reports indicate that the two devices will be built by Taiwanese manufacturer HTC and will come with pressure-sensitive touch displays.

Apple broke this ice by implementing pressure-sensitive touch displays into its iPhone 6S/6S Plus and it was rumored that HTC will start using this technology on its upcoming smartphones. And the upcoming Android N is ready to support this feature, as reports say that Google has already incorporated the codes into the new software. Also, later in 2016, other companies such as Oppo and Xiaomi are expected to release smartphones with pressure-sensitive touch displays.

Know Your Mobile has reported that “This year’s Nexus handsets will apparently be 100% HTC. Source were picked up via Chinese social network Weibo which say that HTC will make both a 5in and 5.5in Nexus phone inside 2016. It’s a little odd to see such a minor variation in display size with these two members of the Nexus range. On the one hand it also seems odd that Huawei is not making a return considering how well the Nexus 6P was received, and the fact that Google tends to offer OEMs another go if things do go well.”

Last year, Google has released a smaller Nexus 5X created by LG and a phablet variant with superior specs, built by Huawei. HTC is known for the release of the Nexus 9 tablet, which came in 2014 and apparently, Google has decided to maintain the partnership with the Taiwanese company for the next few years.

Most likely, HTC will equip at least one of its phones with the upcoming Snapdragon 820 processor, which will support between 4 and 6GB of RAM. The chassis will be made of metal and the speakers will offer awesome audio quality.