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There’s great news out there for Minecraft fans – 4J Studios, Mojang and Microsoft have announced that there will be a multiplayer combat mode for the game named Mincraft: Battle and it will come as a free update sometime in June 2016 for all Minecraft versions for consoles.

Some people have already tested the beta version and their experiences can be viewed online in screen shots and videos.

They also mentioned that this is the first pack in a series of mini-game expansions for the Minecraft console versions. But they did not mention what those other games will be like or when they’ll be released. We’ll just have to wait and see!

This upcoming mini game solves a few problems related to Minecraft game play. If you’re a Minecraft player you know that although it’s a great game that enables you to play with friends in the many realms created by other players, generate worlds and arenas according to your desires, you also have to set some rules for gameplay that some friends or random players in your world might ignore. This new update sets very clear rules and makes the game more challenging between friends.

Basically, there will be three maps specifically designed for this multiplayer and up to 8 gamers will have to fight in a last man standing type of match, or the host of the game can opt for a timed battle and the character that kills more opponents in that time frame wins the game. If you die in the game, you come back as a bat which allows you to spectate the battle until the end.

There will be chests spread across the map with various items you can use to fight the other players, but keep in mind that you will start off with nothing so it’s better if you don’t start punching right away. Ideally, you should begin the game by exploring the map and searching for chests.

The Minecraft: Battle update will arrive in June 2016 for Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4.