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Rumors about Nintendo’s new console and the theoretical upgrades for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One continue to fly.

Nintendo NX

Since the release window for the Nintendo NX is known, the rumors about it have quieted somewhat. However, Nintendo caused a stir in the rumor mill a couple days ago, when news came out claiming Nintendo had a handheld in development codenamed “MH.” The existence of the MH both indicated the 3DS was nearing the end of its life cycle, and seemingly crushed theories that the NX would be a console-handheld hybrid.

However, new information explained the report of the MH was actually a hypothetical scenario, and it isn’t a real handheld in development.

Theories about the Nintendo NX can resume as usual.

PlayStation 4 Neo

However, the PlayStation 4 Neo has new rumors circulating about it.

Earlier today, a new report claimed an anonymous insider said the PlayStation 4 Neo was developed because PlayStation VR would be “terrible” on a standard PS4 console.

Since then, several developers have countered that statement, saying PlayStation VR works fine on regular PS4s.

New Xbox One

Meanwhile, Polygon says there will be two new Xbox One consoles, one of which is four times more powerful than the standard Xbox One. The other is a slim model.

This report claims the slim Xbox One model will be revealed at or around E3, with an August release date. The other one, the more powerful one, is being referred to as “Scorpio,” and may have been hurried along because of the PlayStation 4 Neo. If this information is accurate, the Xbox One Scorpio will be more powerful than the Neo, achieving 6 teraflops compared to the Neo’s 4.14.

New console rumors are rampant, and not all are easily dismissed. The MH most likely does not exist, but the PlayStation 4 Neo is all but official at this point. And what about the Xbox One Scorpio?

It seems unusual that Microsoft would plan an improved Xbox One console after Phil Spencer’s statement about not wanting an “Xbox One and a half.” However, it could be that the Scorpio is so powerful, he considers it a significant enough step forward.

What do you think?