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The autumn of 2015 brought a good change for Apple fans. At that moment, Apple introduce a keyboard and a stylus to their iPad Pro. They went on in pursuing the perfect productivity tablet with the Pro 9.7, but at the same time we have to analyze the features offered by Microsoft with the Surface Pro 4 too. Let the games begin!

If we talk about the design of the two tablets, they are pretty similar. After all, they are mid-sized, have detachable keyboards and you can fully use them without the keyboard too. However, what is a plus for some is the fact that Apple chose to use metal for the back of the device, while Microsoft used plastics. On the front though, they both have glass technology and excellent displays.

The display is also flawless for both of them, but it depends on what you value more: the size or the pixels. iPad comes with a 9.7 inch display (hence its name) and 2048×1536 pixels, while the Pro 4 has 12.3 inches and 2736×1824 pixels. If you do the math, it results 264 ppi for the Apple product and 267 ppi for the Windows device.

The software is also important. Apple chose to make their OS more productive for the tablet, and now we have the iOS 9 coming together with a great multitasking feature. Moreover, it supports Smart Keyboard and the smart stylus it comes with. On the other hand, we have the Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10, obviously. There isn’t much for a change there, if you think about it. In fact, you can even consider it just another Windows device, if you like, which isn’t too bad if you like their products.