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One of the most renowned YouTubers that goes by the name of MrBossFTW (also known as Ross) has shared some graphics which show clearly that the players have started to get bored of GTA Online. In the graphs and charts that Ross has shared, we can see a declining multiplayer activity over the last few months in the GTA 5 Online.

First of all, the detailed graph information that Ross has shared is also available on the Steam Database portal, where the stats are recorded on a daily basis via the SteamSpy app.

According to estimations, more than 300.000 players were logged into the GTA Online when the game was released for PC last year. At the same time, the game has reached 360.000 players, but as expected, soon enough it was noticed a clear decline in the number of the online players in the next weeks and months. Sometime in July-August, when the schools reopened and children had less time to play video games, Ross has noticed a decline and this was intensified during the end of August and beginning of September 2015.

We remind you that these numbers are made just for the PC version of the GTA 5/GTA Online. However, don’t think that things are better on consoles, because they are not. Even if the GTA 5 is quite “dead”, the game is still selling pretty well and this is mostly because that there are new players that never played this game before and they want to try it out.

In order to bring a good amount of players back, Rockstar will need to come with a big GTA Online DLC that will feature new heists, missions, cars, weapons and more. If the developer company will not react fast, this game will most likely die before the end of 2016.

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