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If you’ve been playing Tom Clancy’s The Division on the PC, you might have encountered the “black screen” glitch. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of The Division should not be affected by this.

Basically, when you start up the game, you’re presented with a black screen instead of the game’s visuals. You can hear the audio, but you can’t see anything. This frustrated many players when The Division first came out, especially since the most obvious culprits (old graphics drivers, loose cable, etc.) didn’t seem to be involved.

Fortunately, the black screen glitch has an easy fix, although it isn’t entirely perfect. The black screen is caused by launching the game in fullscreen mode. When you get the black screen, just hit ALT + ENTER on your keyboard. This will switched the game to windowed mode. Once you’re in the game, just change the resolution back, and you should be good to go.

However, some players have encountered a follow-up problem where the switch back to fullscreen actually puts The Division in borderless windowed mode, which is a sort of “fake” fullscreen that doesn’t fully utilize the GPU.

If this is an issue for you, there are several things you can try to actually get the game running in fullscreen:

  • Once you’ve entered windowed mode the first time, go into the game’s settings to switch to fullscreen, rather than using ALT + ENTER.
  • If you’ve already pressed ALT + ENTER a second time to reach borderless windowed mode, try pressing it a third time.
  • If neither of these works, try setting the game to launch in windowed mode, and then switch it to fullscreen once it starts up.
    • For Steam versions, right-click the game an open its Properties window, select “Launch Options” and enter “-windowed” in the box.
    • Uplay makes it a bit trickier, but you should achieve the same effect if you create a shortcut of the .exe file, right-click it and select Properties, and then add “-windowed” after the file path on the “Target” line.

If you know any other methods to fix The Division’s black screen issue, share them in the comments.

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