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Supercell has just released Clash of Clans 8.332.9 for both Android and iOS devices and players cam download it from the Google Play Store and iTunes, respectively. New features have been introduced which will take Clash of Clans to a new level. Friendly Challenges is the new feature that will allow players to fight each others in friendly battles, without doing damage, so they will be fun and will help them in future wars with their opponents.

From now on, when they will be bored, clan mates will battle one another and nothing will happen to their troops. The game will offer the possibility to compete in unlimited Friendly Challenges, which will not cost gold and players won’t lose their troops, heroes, spells, or earn trophies and resources. It will be just for fun and players will challenge whoever they want from their clan. They will choose a valid saved layout and send the invitation to battle to the other player, through the Clan’s chat.

After posting the challenge, the other player has the option to accept and attack the challenger’s base layout and there will be used in battle any troops that the defender has in his base, but they won’t be lost. The rest of Clan members will watch the battle from the sidelines, without interfering.

However, outside Friendly Challenges, players will use the new skeleton dark elixir spell, which will allow them to summon an army of skeletons, which will be unlockable at Town Hall 9, while the new clone elixir spell, unlockable at Town Hall 10, will allow them to create a “circle of spawning,” and it will clone any troop that’s in its radius.

Two new troops have been added: the Baby Dragon (Level 11), which is a fire-breathing air unit that will gain bonus damage and attack speed when it won’t be around other air units, while the Miner (Level 12) will dig underground and will pass by walls and will head to the target.

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