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Microsoft is expected to launch in the near future Windows 10 builds, and one of the new things they plan to implement seems to be a new loading circle. Even though we have little official information, there are, as always, leaks and sources that come up with new things.

User @gus33000 has posted on Twitter a GIF that shows a new loading circle and he/she also revealed that Microsoft plans on releasing more updates in their store. Among the changes they will include a new status bar, along with top categories being placed on the home screen and including a hovering effect. Moreover, the effect turns to the accent color you choose for the system.

It seems plausible that these changes will come into effect on the PC version too, but again, there is no official and confirmed information about this. We have to think about the fact that whatever fans want or expect, the company can change its mind anytime and not even make public some details.

In the recent months, Microsoft has released more updates for their Windows Store, and it seems likely that they will continue to improve this app. Moreover, this summer they have to release the Anniversary Update. Most likely, it will happen in July, and then people will be able to see if the company decides to implement all the changes they have in plan or not.

All in all, people are anxious to see what Microsoft has in store for them (literally!). Let’s just hope they will make a good job just like they did until now. Even so, there are people who were dissatisfied with the launching of Windows 10 and their aggressive strategy of making people “convert” to it, but let’s hope they will not do the same with future changes.