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As we all know, Microsoft has designed two web browsers so far: Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge and none of these are in any way widely used when compared to the usage of Chrome or Firefox.

According to a statistic of browser usage made by w3schools in April 2016, this is how popular these 5 browsers are among the site’s users: Chrome – 70.4 %, Firefox – 17.5 %, IE 5.8 %, Safari 3.7 %, Opera 1.3 %. As you can see Chrome takes the lead and Internet Explorer is far behind it.

Internet Explorer was released in the 90s and the final version of Edge was released last year, but these two browsers hardly interact with each other even though they come from the same company. Well, Microsoft has a plan to unify to some degree both browser experiences with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Internet Explore can now be considered a vestigial browser more than anything else and even its 11th improved version wasn’t that much of success. The upcoming update will implement the following changes: it will directly open IE 11 when you click on a link that opens only in IE and it will only open when it’s asked by certain apps – like the legacy ones – which will enable users to interact with the more advanced Microsoft Edge browser, and use the IE 11 only when they absolutely need to.

The Microsoft Edge is definitely a more preferred browser among the audience when compared to Internet Explorer 11 and recently, it received AdBlock plugins support which will definitely make it far more easy to use.

Apart from the new browser features, the Anniversary update also brings: Windows Ink – which is designed to render stylus input even better, biometric security for apps, more support for games and will feature Cortana interacting with more apps.