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Windows 10 users are familiar with torrent applications, which they use to download movies, music, games, software and anything that is hosted on various websites. However, it’s a little bit odd that Xbox One owners will get a torrent application, but with it, they will download content from the console’s digital store.

Microsoft is planning to merge the Xbox Store with the Windows store and Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring Torrex Pro, a BitTorrent client that users can currently find on the Windows Store. The Unified Windows Platform is a program with which Microsoft will bridge the gap between the Xbox One and Windows platforms, and UWP will allow developers to create games and applications that will work on devices that run on both platforms.

So, Windows 10 Anniversary update will prepare the software for the cross-platform compatibility and “for supporting background downloads of torrents on Windows 10 Mobile,” according to MS Power User. And Finebits OÜ will release a UWP version of Torrex app, with which Xbox One users will be able to download content from the store. “Microsoft allows [developers] to publish torrent clients on its Store (since they are simply the apps to exchange data, which doesn’t break any Store rules), so we are planning to release Torrex on all devices supported by UWP including Xbox One and Hololens,” said a Finebits OÜ spokesperson.

Some of the current features offered by Torrex Pro are:

– Share contract;
– Background music playback;
– Download magnet links and any torrent files;
– Snapped mode on PC;
– Built-in player for viewing downloaded media content without opening another application;
– Users will start watching movies or they’ll listen to music even if the file wasn’t downloaded completely;
– Background downloading on Windows PC.

It isn’t known what new features this torrent application will receive when the UWP version will be released, but most likely, it will function as a media player on Xbox one.