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Having 1 billion active users is not always a good thing for an application like WhatsApp. Actually, it’s bad for users who are targeted by scammers who take advantage of their naivety and make them install malicious software on their devices. The latest scam that made a few victims is related to a fake WhatsApp Gold version, supposedly used by celebrities. Users received a message telling them to install this premium WhatsApp version and those who fell into the trap infected their phones with viruses.

Vide calls, the possibility to send 100 pictures at once and to delete messages after being sent – these are the features promised by the fake application named WhatsApp Gold. The hacker who created the “golden version” of WhatsApp has contacted users through messages and prompted them to download the application from a website which, according to Telegraph, it was shut down in the meantime, because it shows a 404 error page.

WhatsApp’s representatives are warning users to be more cautious and to not install third party applications that sound appealing because of the list of features they claim to offer. Also, if they receive messages from suspicious sources that tell them to access a certain website, to forward the message and get rewarded, users are advised to “block the sender, disregard the message and delete it”.

Anyway, Android users who want to get their hands on the latest beta version of WhatsApp can install the 2.16.97 APK from the Google Play store, or from trusted websites such as APK Mirror. The update carries build number 451181, it weighs 28.3MB and doesn’t bring any new features, only bug fixes and performance improvements. The previous update brought Lollipop’s Material Design and unfortunately, there’s still no sign of the Video Calling feature that appeared in some beta updates, but it was inactive. Developers have removed it and they will introduce it after they’ll make sure that there won’t be any problems.