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We all know the craze happening with WhatsApp updates, especially recently. Motivated by their PC desktop release, the programmers at WhatsApp are continuously making great efforts to improve every bit of the app experience. So…

WhatsApp Updates For Windows Phones

Last week, there have been major WhatsApp updates for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 devices. The updates take the app to its newest 2.16.64 version which comes without a changelog – but introduces us to 2 major changes.

whatsapp updates

First and foremost, the WhatsApp updates for Windows phones feature a changed calling icon. Aside from that, the app is now able to preview posted links and chats. This is definitely a handy update for every user.

However, to download this update you must be present on Windows Phone 8.1. So, if you are running Windows Phone 8.0 or Windows 10 Mobile, the chances of seeing the update aren’t there.

Aside from that, the WhatsApp updates for Windows phones come with small bug fixes and patch improvements for a crash that prevented the app from launching correctly every time on specific devices.

Will We See WhatsApp Updates And Bug Fixes For iOS Users?

WhatsApp has officially released a new update for the iOS devices earlier today. However according to some sources, there is a major problem with the latest 2.16.4 version.

Apparently, WhatsApp crashes when you try to forward links on the iPhone, specifically devices running the iOS 9.3.2, but the problem supposedly happens no matter the iPhone model. At the moment, the crash happens only when forwarding links – as the app closes unexpectedly.

We will wait and see whether WhatsApp will work on more updates and improve the performance of the newest version for iOS.

whatsapp gold

WhatsApp Gold – And Why You Should NEVER Install It

If you have seen the WhatsApp Gold update recently, you should know that it is nothing but a scam.

This app has been trying to trick users to download ‘a limited edition’ of WhatsApp – but is nothing but a scam. It claims to offer new features and video chats, convincing users to download it. However once you download it, it riddles you with malicious software and compromises the security of your phone.

So, dear WhatsApp users – NEVER download unofficial malware like this, the WhatsApp Gold.