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There have been some images that leaked a while ago with the foldable display which made people really curious about the further development of this technology. As it seems, Samsung will use this display for the future Galaxy X, according to the rumors online. Another rumor regarding the X phone is that it will have a 4K display, presumably the foldable one.

According to Korea Herald, Samsung plans to use the OLED type of display that is flexible and can be rolled and folded for several devices they will further release. Display Week 2016 seems to be the right event for more releases, since it helps promoting the display evolution. It will take place this week somewhere in San Francisco and it seems that some products will be unveiled there.

The new devices will most likely indicate what technologies will Samsung use for the future phones and other releases they are currently working on. For now, we know that they will present a AMOLED screen with the dimension of 5.7 inches and a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. It will only weigh 5 grams and it has a 0.3 mm depth. The curvature has a 10 radius, which means that this display will be rolled into a circle having a 10 mm radius.

Everybody is really impressed with this technological performance that represents the future now. But it is not limited to just smartphones, it will also be used for TVs or tablets, for instance. Samsung will also release inside the event another two AMOLED panels of 13.3 and 14 inches thought for laptopts. However, these will not be flexible, but they will indeed be very thin, which will further contribute to making lighter, sleeker laptops in the future.