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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are two upcoming role-playing video games that are expected to be released in November for the Nintendo 3DS handheld game console. The Pokemon franchise will commemorate its 20th anniversary and the event will be celebrated by releasing the first installments in the 7th generation of the Pokémon series. The Pokemon Company has taken the first step by offering details about the strategy guides for these two games.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released on November 18 and the Pokemon Company will provide two strategy guides for them: a standard edition and a hardcover strategy guide with 14 pages containing bonus content. Each Pokemon game had a strategy guide and without a doubt, the guides for the Pokemon Sun and Moon will include maps, official art and details about the new Pokemon from the Alola island.

Gamers will pay $24.99 on the standard edition and $39.99 on the hardcover collector’s edition, which will be available starting from November 18, when Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released. The guides will explain players where they will be able to catch all Pokemon from the Alola region, and it will include detailed walkthroughs on the Pokemon Sun and Moon games. Moreover, in the description of the books that will be available through Amazon, it’s mentioned a guide that will teach players how to use Pokemon Sun and Moon’s “communication features.”

Alola region will be “Pokemon’s take on Hawaii”, as Joe Skrebels of IGN has described it, because the landscape is formed from lots of palm trees that are specific to the Hawaiian island. When the Pokemon Sun and Moon were announced, the concept art has indicated that the developers will bring updates to the designs of the Pokemon Centers and Poke Marts and both IGN and Kotaku have noticed many vehicles in the concept art which included a fire engine, an ambulance and even a pickup truck.

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