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Pokémon Sun and Moon are due out in November, and if you’re the sort of player who enjoys having a strategy guide nearby for help, you’ll be pleased to know the Pokémon Sun and Moon strategy guides have just been announced.

The basic guide is 350 pages long and will cost $25. According to its official description on Amazon, the Pokémon Sun and Moon strategy guide contains:

  • A detailed walkthrough of the games
  • Locations of where you can catch specific Pokémon
  • Lists of moves, items, etc. and instructions on how to get them
  • Explanations of the game’s communication features
  • A pullout map of the Alola region

There is also a collector’s edition version of the guide, which costs $40. The contents are almost exactly the same as the regular edition, except is a premium hardcover copy and its Amazon description says it includes “bonus content” exclusive to the collector’s edition.

The type of bonus content available in the collector’s edition hasn’t been revealed. It could be special details about the region, exclusive artwork, advanced strategies, or something we haven’t even thought of.

Pokémon strategy guides are nothing new, but the previous generation’s were soundly criticized. The official guide for Pokémon X and Y lacked a lot of key features players expected to find, such as a Pokédex.

It’s unknown if the Sun and Moon guide will have a Pokédex or not. Since it says it will tell you where to catch Pokémon, it sounds likely, but some fans are concerned the full Pokédex features (with information on their Type, evolution details, and so on) won’t be in the guide. Still, we can only hope they listened to the feedback from X and Y’s guide to make improvements here.

In today’s age of online walkthroughs, where you can find details about a game quickly by searching the Internet, it might seem strange that physical strategy guides are still being made. However, not only are they still around, but some players still regularly pick them up for their favorite games.

Will you be getting the strategy guides for Pokémon Sun and Moon? If so, do you want the collector’s edition, or is the regular guide all you need?