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Previously, we’ve told you that Pokemon GO’s early testing period has began in the US yesterday and players who have been accepted to participate in the field test have started receiving invitations. Players won’t be allowed to disclose any information about the game and those who signed up are worried that Niantic will select only 3,000 participants, as it did in South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

However, until someone will dare to break the rules and leak details about the upcoming Pokemon Go, here’s what we’ve found out so far: the game will introduce combat points, and in order to level up a Pokemon, players will need to level up the trainer.

In Pokemon GO, the augmented reality game that will be launched this summer, players will find and capture Pokemon all over the world. There will be over 100 species of Pokemon, which will be caught using Poke Balls that players will throw at them. Players will be able to buy items and Poke Balls at PokeStops, which will be placed at public sports in various locations across the world, but the game will be free for Android and iOS devices.

The game will be released alongside the Pokemon Go Plus wearable device that players will attach to their wrists and which will connect to a phone using Bluetooth. When a Pokemon will be nearby, the device will inform the user by flashing LEDs and vibrating. After capturing a Pokemon, the player will train it and send to battle with other Pokemon assigned to other’s gyms, or trade it with another Pokemon.

In the next period, fans in the US who signed up for Pokemon Go field tests and have been accepted by Niantic will have fun training over adorable creatures from over 100 species. Almost two weeks ago, users on the Reddit community Sliph Road were saying that Niantic has selected 3,000 people in the countries where the field tests began weeks ago and they were hoping that in the US will be selected more players.

“Japan has about 127 million people, NZ has about 4 million, and aus has about 23 million. All while America has 318 million. So I’m pretty sure we are going to get way more than only 3,000 beta slots,” wrote a user.

A few days ago, a YouTuber named Pokemon Go Gameplay said that each Pokemon will have Combat Points instead of levels and it will be very important to get XP. He advised players to not attempt gyms until their Pokemon will reach at least level 5.