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Pokemon Company has opened doors to US gamers who want to play the version of the upcoming augmented reality Pokemon Go game. Last week, Niantic has announced that field test signups are open and players who have been accepted to become a beta tester started receiving invitations since yesterday.

Japanese users were the first ones to enroll in the Pokemon Go beta testing program, then the field test continued in Australia and New Zealand and now, fans in the US are discovering the key gameplay mechanics of the upcoming augmented reality game. No information has been leaked yet, and those who haven’t been accepted to become beta testers are hoping that the game won’t be set in the Unova region, which needs to be saved.

In Pokemon Go, players will collect Pokemon in the real world, and they will find various species that vary regionally and they’ll build a team that will defend the gyms from rival players, or they will be used to challenge other rival gyms for control. Players can also find items in the wild or they can purchase them from Pokemarts, and they will buy eggs that will hatch into baby Pokemon. Then, players will raise them and train them to become little “beasts”.

It isn’t known when Pokemon Go will be released, but rumors say that this will happen in Summer 2016. Nintendo will also release Pokémon Go Plus, a wearable device that will connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth, and which will vibrate and flash LEDs when a virtual Pokemon will be in the area. Players will capture it and he can choose to either keep it (and train it), or trade it. The game will be free to play, but players will be able to enhance their Pokemon’s abilities by purchasing features and items for them.

Do you think that Pokemon Go will be a successful game?