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The newest Pokemon GO isn’t around the corner anymore, well at least not in the United States. The company developing the game, Niantic Labs, has officially announced that the new title Pokemon GO as of today goes into beta in the United States. So, everyone who signed up to become ‘field testers’ a few weeks ago will now receive their official invites to the game.

Pokemon Go Beta Tests In Japan, Australia And New Zealand

The public expansion of Pokemon GO in the United States clearly tells us that the game is on the way worldwide. However, there are more specific tests and announcements done recently in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. This may also be a sign that after the US, these countries will be the first ones to enjoy Pokemon GO.

As you may know, Nintendo has been working closely with Niantic on this new game ever since the start of 2015. The funding was done my Google, Pokemon Company Group and Nintendo so that Niantic has all the resources to create Pokemon GO and do another break-through in the world of mobile games.

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However, this funding also means that Niantic at this point must successfully launch the game – or in other words, must prove that the game is worth it. The Pokemon fans all over the world are expecting the game – so this must be a shot in the right place.

Niantic Has Shared More About Pokemon GO

In their latest blog post, Niantic have revealed a lot about the game itself. We have found out that Pokemon GO will be based in real-world locations, there will be Pokemon Eggs to collect and trainers can help Pokemon evolve. Also, we will see fully grown Pokemons. However, there will be some preset distance from which the Egg should be hatched so that you see how the Pokemon emerges.

The training will happen in real-world locations simulated in the app, and users will join teams to battle others teams in the various Gyms all around the world – with the main focus of gaining control of every Gym.

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Pokemon GO Connects The Pokemon Fans Via Mobile

In the end, Pokemon GO is not only a massive game that will roll out soon. It is something the Pokemon fans all over the world needed to connect and share their stories and love for this amazing show. In case you missed the call for beta testers before, you can now sign up and send your request – and hope that the beta version lands to your phone as soon as possible.