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If you own an NVIDIA SHIELD tablet, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s starting to get the Android Marshmallow update.

Specifically, the LTE model of the tablet will receive the update, taking it from Android 5.1 straight to the latest Android 6.0.1 version.

The Wi-Fi model of the tablet had already received the Marshmallow update a few months earlier in February. The LTE model received the update late because it had to obtain carrier certification before it could be rolled out.

By downloading the Android 6.0.1 update on your NVIDIA SHIELD, you’ll get to enjoy the wide range of new and exciting features that it brings. One of these is Doze, which automatically controls the background processes of your apps to extend your battery life while ensuring that you still receive important notifications (like those for calls and text messages). Another feature is Google Now on Tap, which pulls up links and app shortcuts that are related to any keyword of your choice — without requiring you to leave the application that you’re on.

The Marshmallow update also gives you full control over app permissions, allowing you to set your app’s behavior, decide which details you’d like to share with developers (and which ones you don’t), and protect your privacy.

Aside from these standard features (which are available to all eligible Android devices), downloading the Marshmallow update will also give you access to the new features and improvements from NVIDIA. One of the most major changes is the Vulkan graphics API, a programing interface that basically improves your tablet’s graphics and gaming performance and allows you to have a more enjoyable gaming experience. New games will be able to run seamlessly on your device, while 3D and virtual reality apps that weren’t fully supported before will now work wonderfully.

The Marshmallow update will also improve the SHIELD’s Wi-Fi function after waking from sleep, fix issues with the compass and the Gamepad Mapper, and enhance the navigation button layout in landscape mode. It will also update the tablet’s emojis, giving you access to better and funnier icons that will surely spice up your Facebook chats and text messages.

Of course, the Android 6.0.1 update will boost the NVIDIA SHIELD’s protection from hackers. It contains Android’s security patches up to March 2016 and comes with NVIDIA’s stability and security enhancements.

The Marshmallow update for the NVIDIA SHIELD is gradually rolling out to all units across the United States. Users will receive the update via OTA a few days or weeks from now, although they can go to their tablet’s settings menu to manually check for the update.