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Apple has finally released the first BETA of the upcoming iOS 9.3.3 update for the public BETA testers. This happens just one day after the company has released the iOS 9.3.3 BETA to developers, in other words, all things were working without any big issues and this is most likely the main reason why the iOS 9.3.3 BETA version has been released to public so fast.

We also remind you that the iOS 9.3.3 BETA comes just a week after the iOS 9.3.2 has been released, the update is focusing mostly on fixing the bugs that were found in the previous iOS 9 versions.

If you are a BETA tester that has signed up for Apple BETA testing program, you will be able to download the iOS 9.3.3 BETA over-the-air, however, in order to be able to do this, you will firstly need to install the right certificate on your iOS device.

If you are not part of Apple testing program, don’t worry, because you can sign up and participate with ease. All you will need to do is to head to this webpage and sign up. After doing this, you will be able to access both OS X and iOS BETAs.

The iOS 9.3.3 comes with some performance improvements and some bug fixes, however, it is good to know that the iOS 9.3.3 is not available for the iPad Pro 9.7-inch device, as the developers have found an issue in iOS 9.3.2 which has caused a good amount of tablets to be bricked.

Since the iOS 9.3.3 is already available for the public BETA testers, it will not take a long time until this newest version will be released in STABLE form, once this will happen, everyone will be able to install the iOS 9.3.3 on their iDevices.